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What I Offer

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ERC20 / ERC721
Token Creation

Customizing your own token in Ethereum with best security practice

Deploy an ICO smart contract

If you're a startup and want to raise fund, the fastest way is to raise an ICO by creating a smart-contract ICO

Create a DAPP

Developing a decentralized application from zero to deployment for your customer

Integrate DeFi

If you want to make a major change in the current economy, you can integrate tools listed by The DeFi Pulse in your smart contract

Smart Contract Audit

It is important to analyze the security of your smart contract before deploying in Ethereum. After deployment, the code cannot be changed

Training in Solidity

If you're a company and need a solidity developer, you can train your current developer

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Who Am I?

Vincent Ton, French Solidity Developer


I am a crypto enthusiast and a solidity developer. Currently I am creating more and more dApp in Ethereum and I am learning about Libra - Move, the cryptocurrency of Facebook. And I teach people about Solidity and basis of dApp. I am happy to welcome you on my website. And I have another website in French :
Developpeur Blockchain France


Don't miss your chance!

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are the GREATEST opportunity of this decade!!

Play a major role in DeFi or Decentralized Finance

Master Solidity, the language of smart contract

Get a robust smart contract

Obtain a Dapp which can change the economy